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Fleur de Lune Apothecary Scented Moisturizer

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This lotion delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants that work to retain moisture and combat inflammation. With vitamins E, A, B and zinc, it protects and keeps your skin soft and healthy. 2 fl.oz.

Available in three amazing scents...

EARTH & MOON’s warm and earthy scent has a grounding effect that helps you find your balance. Hypnotizing patchouli, peaceful cedarwood, protective vetiver, healing neroli, and uplifting palmarosa bring feelings of harmony and tranquility.

ASENA’s fresh and light floral scent refreshes the spirit and evokes joy. Calming rose, healing sandalwood, and balancing bergamot bring positivity and a feeling of bliss.

FREE SPIRIT’s sweet woodsy scent helps to calm the overstressed mind. Healing geranium & sandalwood, calming ylang ylang & lavender, and rejuvenating frankincense combine to create an uplifting scent that brings love, comfort and protection.


*contains beeswax