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Midnite Leather Lemmy Inspired Fringe Finger Cuffs

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Y’all! These are finally available online for all to lust over. These are a collaboration between Midnite Leather and Saturn Return so you won’t find these anywhere else! We were inspired by the photo of Lemmy wearing that badass leather concho cuff and had to do a little recreation.

Incredibly soft and malleable leather with silver hardware.

Three available in total.

1 pair (2 cuffs) and 1 single cuff.

Single cuff measures 7” long from metal fastener to opening. I would categorize this one as a size small.

Pair of cuffs each measure 7.5” long. I would categorize these as a size medium.

*Remember* if these lengths seem small for you this is unworn leather so it’s will stretch and mold to fit your wrist with some wear!