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Vintage 1995 Betty Boop Motorcycle Riding Hats

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Did y’all know that the real inspiration for the character of Betty Boop comes from a Black female jazz singer? YEP! Her name was Esther Jones and she was nicknamed “Baby Esther”. She was a favorite in the late 20’s performing at famous Harlem clubs like The Cotton Club.

(Check this for more info)

A woman named Helen Kane went to see her perform, stole her act and started using the various unique scatting stylings and cute sexy voice we find so iconic today.

15% of each hat sale will go to the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment. Their mission statements reads as the following:

“An advocate for professional women… the mission of NABFEME is the inspire, educate and empower. The mission strives to advance the female agenda of education, equality, empowerment and inclusion. This mission is accomplished through a variety of targeted programs and business alliances that assist our members in achieving their personal and professional goals.”