About Us

Created by one woman in 2018, Saturn Return is an online and in-store alternative vintage lifestyle brand based in Richmond, VA.

We have the unwavering passion of self-expression at the core of everything we do.

We offer a highly curated selection of vintage alternative band t-shirts, pre-loved leather outerwear, boots, accessories and jewelry.

We are now known locally as the "goth cowboy" store and we lovingly accept this title.

Whether you're into Black Sabbath, Waylon Jennings, Morbid Angel, Alice in Chains, Scorpions, The Sisters of Mercy, Fleetwood Mac or Black Flag... we have something for you!

Our name references a notoriously difficult time in ones life astrologically, however, we are here to provide you an enjoyable and inspirational retail experience that helps you find pieces that connect you with yourself.